sleep tight sioux falls



Launches "Sleep Tight Sioux Falls" Campaign to Collect More Beds

Each night right here in Sioux Falls, hundreds of adults and children “go to bed” without an actual bed. They sleep on floors, cardboard boxes, couches and in other spaces unsuitable for a good night’s rest.

The Furniture Mission is committed to providing beds to those who need one, but this spring the volunteer organization is facing a paralyzing problem – a shortage of donated beds.
“Our warehouse inventory is extremely low. We’re falling farther and farther behind the need. We’re asking for the community’s help as we launch “Sleep Tight Sioux Falls” – a bed drive to replenish our supply,” says Bart DeBoer, executive director of the Furniture Mission. “Our goal is at least 500 bed donations during the month of November. If we reach that goal and stock up our warehouse, we’ll be able to share the gift of comfortable sleep with more individuals across our community.”
Items requested during “Sleep Tight Sioux Falls” include:
  • Lightly used or new mattresses in all sizes
  • Bed frames and bedding in all sizes
  • Gently used tables & chairs, couches, dressers and more will also be accepted.
  • For a full list of items that may be donated, click here
To arrange free pick-up, call 977-6800 or bring your tax-deductible donations to 209 N Nesmith during
drop-off hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 - 4:00 and Saturday 8:00 - 12:00.
If you do not have furniture to donate, the Furniture Mission also welcomes monetary gifts which help
fund free pickup and delivery of furniture to those in need.  Click here to learn more.